2014 MCCL - Week 7 (with Luis Rosa)

Mike Speck and Mark Rasmussen sit down with the Phoenix King, Luis Rosa, to discuss the final week of the 2014 regular season.  They talk about the surprising end to his team's incredible first season, and the potential 4-way tie for the second seed spot in the post season.

Templars (3-3) vs Legion (1-5)
Dragons (4-2) vs Banshees (3-3)
Celts (2-5) vs Roses (4-2)
Phoenix (6-0) vs Corsairs (1-5)

2014 MCCL - Week 6 (with Steve Looten)

Mark Rasmussen and Mike Speck discuss Week Six of the Midwest Combat Chess League's 2014 season.  They talk with Steve Looten, Rook for the Banshees, about his unusual weapon call against the Templars' new Queen and his team's performance this season.  In the other matches this week, one team's in free-fall while another continues an impressive rise, and Mark and the Celts (finally) have a reason to celebrate.

Roses (4-1) vs Phoenix (5-0)
Celts (1-4) vs Corsairs (1-4)
Templars (2-3) vs Banshees (3-2)
Dragons (3-2) vs Legion (1-4)

2014 MCCL - Week 5 (With Sara Hodges)

As the field narrows and teams get knocked out of contention for the post season, Mike Speck and Mark Rasmussen wrap up the week's highlights and interview Sara Hodges, recent import from the Appalachian League's White Lightning and the new queen of the Templars.

Monday: Roses (4-1) vs. Phoenix (5-0)
Tuesday: Celts (1-4) vs. Corsairs (1-4)
Wednesday: Templars (2-3) vs. Banshees (3-2)
Thursday: Dragons (3-2) vs. Legion (1-4)

2014 MCCL - Week 4

Mark Rasmussen and Mike Speck talk about a week of major struggle in the MCCL.  The Legion is decimated, the Corsairs are hanging on by a thread, 2 former allies send each other to the hospital, and the Celts' biggest fan resorts to unconventional weapons.  

Phoenix (3-0) vs. Dragons (2-1)
Legion (1-2) vs. Roses (2-1)
Banshees (1-2) vs. Corsairs (1-2)
Celts (1-2) vs. Templars (1-2)

2014 Pre-Season with Chris Marchand

Eagerly awaiting the start of the 2014 season, Mark Rasmussen and Mike Speck sit down with Chris Marchand, King of the 2013 Champion Corsairs, to discuss the events in the league since the 2014 Draft, including some major shake-ups for the Corsairs, a farewell to the Cavaliers, a strong new line-up for the Roses, and a chance for Dave "Chernobyl" Schneider to wear another crown with the Dragons.