Intimacy Directors International Workshops


January 19-21, 2019

Classes for directors, choreographers, and performers with IDI founder Tonia Sina

“Intimacy” in a performance context evokes images of kissing and sexual acts. But the term “Intimacy” also refers to the closeness between dear friends, family, old enemies, and is addressed during scenes of sexual violence. Details in choreography keep you connected to your scene partners, both emotionally and physically while respecting personal boundaries.

Six Elements Theatre is proud to partner with Intimacy Directors International to offer a weekend of training opportunities in Intimacy for the Stage and Screen.

2-Day Intimacy Intensive: January 19-20 (1:30PM-10PM)

1 slot still available!

Auditing/Observer options available. Contact via email to discuss.

Intimacy for the Stage is the choreographing of Moments of Intimacy in performance. The focus is on subtle and specific details in movement and intention, for the purpose of telling the story of the scene. This is not just "making out" or sex scenes, but can also encompass moments of intimacy found among dear friends, between parents and children, and can also cover scenes of sexual violence. Intimacy for the Stage has been enthusiastically received as a practice which empowers actors to respect their own boundaries while improving the quality and clarity of scenes of intimacy.

In this two day Introductory workshop, participants will be given tips on how to form a safe and effective environment for basic intimacy work in classroom and professional production situations, with a special interest in combining each participant's directing method with the pillars of context, communication, consent, and choreography. All specialties are welcome (acting, directing, stage managing, tech, etc). There will also be a service and therapy dog used for closure and emotional support. 

Intimacy for the Stage and Screen: A Presentation: Monday January 21, 12pm

Cost: $50, Walk-ins welcome, registration encouraged.

Tonia Sina will be presenting the history of intimacy direction, where the concept originated, what the industry is doing to currently accommodate it, and where we hope the performing arts will take this work in the future. This 45 minute presentation will be followed by a question and answer from the participants.

Performers’ Workshop: Monday January 21, 3:30pm-6:30pm,

Cost: $100, Walk-ins welcome, registration encouraged.

This three hour class examines the technique behind finding authentic chemistry between scene partners while separating the romantic lives of the actors from their characters. We will explore several acting exercises designed specifically to safely explore the energy used in acting scenes of intimacy. A safe space will be provided. No kissing is required in the workshop, some light contact will be included. 

The 2-day intensive will be held in the Hive Martial Arts studio:

1085 10th Ave SE Minneapolis, MN 55414


Monday’s workshops will be held in the rehearsal room at Mixed Blood Theatre:

1501 S 4th St, Minneapolis, MN 55454



About the Instructor

Tonia is the founder, Executive Director, and Head of Pedagogy of Intimacy Directors International (along with co founders, Alicia Rodis and Siobhan Richardson). She was the Intimacy Choreographer for the production of The Bakkhai at the Stratford Festival in Ontario, Canada, as well as being an international sexual harassment prevention advisor for theatre and film. Recently featured in the NY Times, American Theatre Magazine, CBC Radio and several other publications and radio shows, she is the former Artistic Director of Reduxion Theatre Company in Oklahoma City, and an international Intimacy for the Stage workshop teacher and choreographer. Tonia has been researching Intimacy for the Stage and Sexual Harassment in the industry since she began research for her thesis in 2004.

Originally an actress, fight director, and movement teacher, Tonia translated exercises for duels and mass battles into her method for choreographing safe intimacy between couples and groups. After eight years in academia as a movement Professor, Tonia wrote the article: Safe Sex: A Look at the Intimacy Choreographer for the Fight Master periodical, and is continuing to publish her work in the form of a book currently in the works. She has taught Intimacy at several SAFD regional workshops including MACE's Winter Wonderland, The Tourist Trap, The Lonestar Smash, and the Louisiana Tech Stage Combat Workshop, where she first began teaching Intimacy for the Society of American Fight Directors. Tonia also advises Universities on their curricula to help avoid harassment and abuse in academia.

Tonia invented her own method, Intimacy for the Stage, and teaches it internationally, but is also very interested in teaching and providing other methods of safe practice as well for stage and film.

Also a director, playwright, model, and performer, Tonia is a soon to be triple kidney transplant recipient and rare and chronic disease patient advocate and national motivational speaker. She attended Niagara University for her BFA in theatre performance, and Virginia Commonwealth University where she studied movement under Fight Master David Leong and Certified Teacher and Fight Director, Aaron Anderson, and earned her MFA in Movement Pedagogy with a specialty in Intimacy for the Stage.