We've been producing high quality theatre in the Twin Cities since 2010, from period costume dramas to intimate found space projects to our annual summer spectacle, Human Combat Chess.


Our Mission

With action both onstage and off, Six Elements Theatre stimulates thought, inspires creativity, and cultivates our community through high-intensity theatre and excellent craftsmanship.

Our Commitment to Our Community

We believe that the purpose of theatre is to bring people together.  With that in mind, one of our core tenets is that we will never turn away anyone who wants to see one of our shows because they can't afford it.  If you come to see one of our shows and truly cannot afford to pay our ticket price, tell us so, and we will be happy to negotiate to find a price you can afford to pay.  We're happy to have you in the audience.

How We Do

We are named after Aristotle's Six Elements of Drama. Western theater was invented by the Greeks and Theater Criticism was invented by Aristotle, who talked about the six elements that make a great show. They remain as true today as they were two millennia ago: Plot, Character, Thought, Diction, Music, Spectacle. It's a simple idea, but it's easy to let one slip while focusing on other elements. We took the name Six Elements to remind us that all theater is a balancing act. But once it's spinning in the air, there is no moment more fulfilling.


A group of recent alumni from University of Minnesota Department of Theatre and Dance thought: "we like to make theatre now, why not continue to make it together?". The company was forged at the end of 2010 and we have been producing three to four shows a year, ranging from original works by local playwrights to Shakespeare.

In the years since, some of our founders have moved on and we have brought on new hands to help us, but our goal has always stayed the same: to produce dynamic and engaging theatre.


Our theatre is run by our devoted Company Members and supported by our Board of Directors, scores of talented and passionate theatre artists, and a fantastic and growing population of enthusiastic theatre-goers.  If you are interested in joining our ever-expanding community, please contact us and let us know.


We believe that theatre should engage, enrapture, and envelop the audience, without making them feel intimidated or putting them on-the-spot.  We strive to find a compromise between leaving our audience sitting in the dark and demanding that they interact with us onstage.  Whether it's cheering for your favorite team in Human Combat Chess, or connecting to a powerful performance an arms-breadth away, we hope you feel like a part of our world.


We are always looking for new ways to express ourselves, using the words of history, myth, and poetry. We have had multiple opportunities to explore different forms of dramatic language, whether it be Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter, the alliterative style of old Norse poetry, or various regional and historical dialects. We believe in the power of language to illustrate and entertain, to teach and inspire, and to weave stories and shape worlds.


Song is an even more powerful way to combine language and emotion, able to touch us on a more intimate level that even the most poignant sonnet. We incorporate live music whenever possible, and endeavor to bring you original music created specifically for each production. In this sense, our music becomes as much a part of the production as the script, costumes, or set, letting historical accuracy inform the creative process.


The crash of steel, the smell of old, musty places, the pageantry of history; we hope our productions bring a rush of wonder and awe as we show you the fantastic world in which we all live.  With stage-combat, dance, and striking visuals we work to create performances that place equal emphasis on the visual and the aural.   Our past productions havefeatured three-person wolf puppets,  unsettling site-specific performance, bloody mayhem, and a pair of bright yellow stockings.