Orpheus Descending

Written by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Jenna Papke
Assistant Director Cynthia Hornbeck

Meredith Larson, Philip Matthews, Reba Clamp, James Tucker, Philip D. Henry, Emily Knotek, Heather Quigley, Corey DiNardo, Danielle Krivinchuck, Mickaylee Shaughnessy, Ethan Jensen, Skot Rieffer, Melissa Iverson

Costumes by Stephanie Rosenthal
Set by Philip D. Henry
Lights by Courtney Schmitz Watson
Sound by Scot Moore

January 2014 at the Open Eye Figure Theatre

Orpheus Descending was featured by Lavender Magazine as one of the best productions of 2014

There’s something enchanted about a group of young actors performing a classic work by an iconic playwright with a profound depth of understanding. Such is the case with Six Elements Theatre’s revival of Orpheus Descending.
— John Townsend, Lavender Magazine

Tales from Camelot

Art created by Whittney A. Streeter

Art created by Whittney A. Streeter

Written by phillip andrew bennett low
Directed by Jenna Papke

Broceliande; the Death of Merlin: Jordan Klitzke, Emily Knotek, Tamara Koltes, Zac Delventhal

The Rise of General Arthur: phillip andrew bennet low

Costumes: Lucas Grant Skjaret
Set and Lights: Willson Borchert

April 2014 at the Northrup King Building, Studio 402B

Tucked away in a gallery space in the art-saturated Northrup King Building in Northeast Minneapolis is a delightfully intimate evening with larger-than-life human beings.
— Matthew Everett, TC Daily Planet

Human Combat Chess 2014

Directed by Mike Lubke
Assistant Director Chris Marchand

Choreography by Mike Lubke, David P Schneider, Steve Looten, Aaron Preusse, Mike Anderson, Mike Speck, Zac Delventhal, Amy Root, Ernesto Maldonado

July 2014

Historic Wesley Center, Minneapolis, MN

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