Company Update

As we prepare for our 2016 season, we are also experiencing a shift in company structure. Tess Kean, who is currently working as the stage manager for our fall production She Kills Monsters, has made the decision to stay with us as a stage manager, but not as a producing company member. She writes,

I have decided, with the help of my fellow company members, that to make better use of my skills, I would make a better associate Stage Manager and long term volunteer rather than a company member of Six Elements Theatre.

I greatly love this company, and for that reason I would rather my skills be used to their best as a Stage Manager rather than a producing member. I am resigning my position as a full company member.

I hope to continue to work with Six Elements Theatre as needed as a contractor, or as the company requests on a show by show basis, and as a long term volunteer/ boots on the ground assistant.

It has been wonderful being a company member, and I am looking forward to my new role with Six Elements.
— Tess Kean

We would like to thank Tess for all of her energy and hard work as a company member, and look forward to working with her in a newly defined role in the future!