Artist Profile - Brian Watson Jones

The next artist in the spotlight from Human Combat Chess is Brian Watson-Jones, League Announcer and one of two color commentators, tasked with the huge job of letting the audience in on the tactics, game-play, and story happening on the board.  Brian is an active member of the Twin Cities theatre community, and has previously worked with Six Elements in Much Ado About Nothing and Valhalla, Tales from the Hall of Heroes.

Brian Watson-Jones

League Announcer

If you could have a fight with anyone living or dead, real or
fictional, who would it be against, and with what weapon? Why?

Friendly fight?  Abe Lincoln, during his time as company commander during the Black Hawk War.  He'd choose unarmed, since he liked to wrestle.  Then he'd destroy me, because he LOVED to wrestle.  Then we'd get wasted on whiskey and sing songs.  It would be fantastic.

Unfriendly fight?  Joseph Mengele.  And I wouldn't stop when the Marshal called it.

What has chess taught you? What has Human Combat Chess taught you?

Chess taught me how important it is to be able to plan ahead, and how bad I am at that.

Human Combat Chess has taught me that even if you make all the right moves, something can still turn against you.  And vice versa. 

Introduce us to your character:

I was King of the Celts for several years, and left abruptly just before this season started.  I won't go into exactly what happened; suffice it to say that I was given a choice, and picked the less distasteful one.  Instead of joining another team, I joined the Midwest HCC organization, and began providing commentary on matches.
I don't harbor any bitterness towards Jason, the Celts' current King, but I'd be making different choices if I were still in charge.

Any parting words of wisdom?

Never trust a former King who says he isn't bitter