Please Try This at Home

Open/Beginner Singlesword




So, you've just taken your first stage combat workshop, or maybe even gone to the Nationals and gotten some SPTs under your belt. Unfortunately, maybe you don't have steady access to a teacher or even a training partner.  What do you do?  Do you just let your skills atrophy?  Of course not.  Come learn some drills and games you can do at home to keep your skills fresh and hone some of the fundamentals.

Smallsword Specialty

Beginner/Open Smallsword


Howard and Gonzalez


The smallsword is regarded by many to be the pinnacle of stage combat performance.  This class aims to take a multifaceted approach to make it accessible to students of all levels.  From body posture to blade mechanics, the mystique will be broken down and put into manageable elements that allow performers to really dedicate to the violence of the scene.

Historical Bolognese Swordplay for Stage

Open Rapier & Buckler


Maldonado and Lubke


As sources for Historic European Martial Arts continue to become available and more people become knowledgeable about these techniques, there is a desire to add more of these to stage combat.  In this class we will use the 16th century Bolognese system of Achille Marozzo, Antonio Manciolino, and Giovanni Dall’Agocchie as a case study in how to take a historic system and translate it to the stage.