Human Combat Chess in Chicago

Thursday, July 12th, marks the opening performance of Human Combat Chess in Chicago. That's right, HCC has franchised!!  Nathaniel Nesheim-Case has been laboring with his own group of combatants to put on the regular season match-up of the Corsairs vs. the Roses. We are very excited to see a production that we labor hard at every year become a big enough thing to be brought down to Chicago. 

HCC 2012.jpg

This new development has pushed us to build the world of Human Combat Chess even more, and given us the resources to do it. With a whole new group of actors fighting their way through another show, that gives us almost 40 new names and faces to be able to make the Human Combat Chess Wiki, and our in-world podcast, Boards and Swords, so much more awesome. 

Speaking of Boards and Swords, Mike Speck and Mark Rasmussen have returned as our announcers and hosts for both the podcast and the championship game. The first few episodes are live on our site, and the two of them can be found blissfully taunting the fighters this July.

Weapons 2.jpg

This year also marks the first year with official HCC swag!  Dragons, Phoenix and Corsairs themed gear are all on the CafePress site, including general HCC gear. Unfortunately, we were unable to get the Roses logo on the site in time, but our goal for 2015 is to have gear for each of the 8 MCCL teams up for purchase.


In closing, if you are in Chicago, go see Chess. If you are in Minneapolis, come see Chess. If you are on the road, listen to Chess, and if you are at a shortage of clothes, buy Chess.

Thank you friends, and as always, control your center, 
Skot Rieffer
Six Elements