Shindig 2014

Thank you to everyone who came out to our 2014 Shindig, for helping us celebrate an incredible year and to announce our 5th season.

In our 2014 season we staged a critically acclaimed production of Orpheus Descending, presented the original and evocative Tales From Camelot, sponsored Minnesota's first SAFD Regional Workshop, and assembled our largest and most successful Human Combat Chess yet, all thanks to our loyal audience and the incredible Twin Cities community.

And we have even more coming up for 2015:

In April, at the Nimbus Theatre, we present Tom Stoppard's 1988 spy thriller Hapgood, directed by Justin Alexander, a Six Elements collaborator since 2012.  With his characteristic intelligence and sharp characterization, Stoppard "spins an end-of-the-cold-war tale of intrigue and betrayal, interspersed with explanations of the quixotic behavior of the electron and the puzzling properties of light” (David Richards, The New York Times).  It falls to Hapgood, an extraordinary officer in the the British intelligence agency, to unravel a mystery of mistaken identity and deep betrayals.

In May we'll once again sponsor Brawl of America, turning a remarkable event into an epic tradition.  Last year we had an incredible faculty, with 2 Fight Masters, 1 Fight Director, 2 Certified Teachers and 6 Advanced Actor/Combatants, and a fantastic turn-out with 34 registered students.  We plan to build on that terrific groundwork to provide an even better experience for our faculty and students.

Next summer we'll present the Midwest Combat Chess League's Finals Match for the 6th time.  Well, 7th if you count 2010 - but we DON'T TALK ABOUT 2010.  That aside, next year we'll build the biggest and best season yet, with new fighters, new weapons, and new  audience experiences both on and off the board.

Finally, next October will see the area premiere of Qui Nguyen's She Kills Monsters, directed by Callie Meiners, another long-time friend of Six Elements. This comic and touching story features Agnes, a woman who finally gets to know her dead sister, Tilly, by delving into Tilly's greatest passion: Dungeons & Dragons.  With thrilling combat, terrifying monsters, and skads of geek-culture references, She Kills Monsters is right in our wheelhouse, and we'll pack the People's Center Theater with our usual high-intensity, finely tuned action.

We want everyone who made 2014 a huge success, and together we'll make 2015 another fantastic year for Six Elements Theatre.

Brave the Elements

-Philip D Henry, Company Member