Artist Profile - Jenn Sisko

The latest artist spotlighted by our profile series, Jenn Sisko returns to Human Combat Chess (opening in just 1 week) as Queen of the Celts, after a great performance last year with the Phoenix.  This spring, she also appeared with Six Elements as the eponymous Hapgood, in our critically acclaimed production at the Nimbus Theater.

Jenn Sisko

Celts - Queen

What is your favorite weapon? Why?

Rapier and dagger/fan or knife.

Rapier and dagger was one of the first weapons I learned.  It made so much sense to me, maybe because I watched too much Zorro.  

Knife is just fun.  It's brutal, personal, and honest. You don't cheat with knife.  

If you could have a fight with anyone living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be against, and with what weapon? Why?

Zorro was my first crush as a girl of six, and my love for that character is immense.  I would love to have the chance to fight him for fun.

Or William Hobbs because how epic would that be?

What has chess taught you? What has Human Combat Chess taught you?

Chess has taught me the idea of patience.  

Human Combat Chess has taught me that there are many avenues to a result.  Each choreographer is different and approaches a fight differently.  It has been a unique experience to work with so many talented people with their forte.

Introduce us to your character:

My character is manic.  There is very little "down."  She enjoys the fight and she doesn't mind the pain.  She has DID, which, under pressure, causes her to turn into Connie.  Connie will get the job done.

Any parting words of wisdom?

Explore the impossible in whatever you do.  That's what we do in stage combat; we take the climax of the story--the fight--break it down for teaching, and then turn it into the incredible.  Find your own style in whatever you do because there are many pathways.  Let your imagination take over.